December 06, 1944

Larissa, Greece

Greeks are fighting Greeks. When will this insanity end?

Papandreou has blood on his hands. They all have blood on their hands. The evil cretins.  Today we got word that Apostolos died in the madness in the Athens protest. I knew nothing good would come of this mad idea of going to Athens and protesting against the government. Nothing good ever happens. Apostolos died like a dog in the street. Damn those imbeciles for killing a good man. I grieved for my friend; he went home to Athens to protest and he died. At the hands of a Greek. Do you believe this madness! Apostolos who survived everything the Germans threw at him, goes to Athens to demonstrate against the government and he is killed. The bastards! Insane bastards!

Petros came home to Larissa to report about the massacre of our brothers and sisters. There were thousands protesting! I’ve never seen thousands of people. How many is that? What does it look like?They survived the German pigs but were killed by their brothers. Thanasi is still there and is fighting. Aren’t they tired of the fighting? I thought I was and then after I found out what they did to Apostolos I was ready to get on the first truck to Athens. That’s how Greeks die; they get a rush to the brain and off they go like mad men. We are so passionate about everything and that passion helped end the occupation of our motherland but it’s also getting us killed.

The only thing stopping me was Eva. I would have to leave her in Larissa. I couldn’t do that to her. It’s not safe for her. We have the British living a few houses away from us and I think that’s is what is keeping Evy and Henry safe for now. I think we need to go up to Athena’s Bluff and away from town. The cabin is not finished but it’s safer. It’s away from Larissa and any idiot who tries to kill either Eva or Henry will need to do some work to get up the mountain. That’s my thinking about that.

When Petros came back from Athens, he showed me his photographs from the protest. I was blind with rage. I saw what they did to Apostolos, the brave man who went with my father to help the Australians and who risked his life every day against the Germans. A tank killed him. My poor friend was flattened by a tank. That is not how you treat a war hero.

What madness is this! What madness has overtaken our country.

Brothers who have been fighting shoulder to shoulder against the barbarians are now going to shoot at each other. Haven’t we learned anything?

Thanasi asked me what side I would choose if I stayed. I said the side that can give me my family back to me. Go on, see if they can do that. Then I’ll stay and fight but they can’t so I won’t.

I stopped believing in God when mama was murdered. I think their God doesn’t exist and if he does exist, he didn’t care because if he did, this murder would not happen. I think that’s worse. He exists and doesn’t care. I wonder which side he will be on when the civil war breaks out? Who will he choose to side with? I asked Father Kalamas that the other day. Father Kalamas thinks I’m an apostate.

I don’t even know what an apostate is. I have to go and ask Kiria Despina. I’m sure it’s not a good thing because Father K looked like he was about to spit at me. Father H never did that when I argued with him.

I need to get out of Larissa and take Eva and Henry away from here. We need to do it soon because Evy and Henry are German. If they are killing Greeks…what will they do to Germans?

We have to leave as soon as possible. This madness is going to reach Larissa soon and I don’t want to be here when it does. It’s not safe for Eva and Henry. We have to leave.

Images below were taken by Life Photographer Dmitri Kessel in December 1944, when the shootings on the participants of demonstration in Athens were taking place. These events were later called Dekemvriana (Greek- the December events).


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