About Zoe Lambros

Zoe Lambros is a young 16 year old Greek girl who has lived through the German Occupation of her home town of Larissa, Greece. She’s madly in love with German girl Eva Muller and together they have survived the war.

Here are some interesting facts about Zoe

Personal Information


  • Zoe Lambros


  • ZoZo (Given to her by her brothers)
  • Zo (By Eva whenever the mood strikes)
  • Hurricane Zoe (Given to her by Thanasi Klaras at the end of the war)
  • Stretch (Given to her by her friend Earl Wiggins in 1947)
  • Red


  • October 26, 1928 (16 in 1944)
  • Larissa, Greece


  • Larissa, Greece (1928 to 1945)
  • Cairo, Egypt (1945 to 1946)
  • Sydney, Australia (1947 –

Hair colour:

  • Red


  • Forest Green


  • 5’4


  • You don’t want to mess with this redhead. She’s passionate, fearless, opinionated, headstrong and loyal. She loves the way she lives life – deeply and very emotionally. Get in her way and you are bound to get run over or killed. Eccentric and quirky. Loves to ride motorcycles and can handle a gun very easily.

What Makes Her Laugh (in Zoe’s Words):

  • “Evy laughing. That’s the best sound in the world and I can’t help but laugh. She’s got such a beautiful soul. The other thing that makes me laugh is when she tries to cook. She’s terrible at it but she tries. It’s okay if I laugh; she laughs along with me.”

Personal Beliefs

  • She is vehemently anti-God, anti-religion and don’t even try to talk to her about faith of any kind

Personal Motto:

  • Jump Off The Cliff and Enjoy The Ride


  • Gifted artist



  • Eva Theresa Muller (aged 24 – 1944)


  • Evy
  • ET (Eva Theresa)

In Zoe’s Words:

  • “A quiet strength with a bottomless pit of courage. Evy (that’s my nickname for her) doesn’t make a lot of noise. It’s not her style to raise her voice or to be overly dramatic. She’s the most courageous person I have ever met. She has suffered much; she comes from a family of crazy people – not good crazy but bad crazy. They are evil people except for her Uncle Wilbur. How he missed the Muller curse is a mystery to me. Being tortured for who you are is horrible but being tortured by your own family? That’s just evil. Eva has no control over being a lesbian. She has as much control over that as she has being over six feet or having blue eyes. Her family are just crazy evil beasts. I hate them passionately.”


  • German


  • January 20, 1920
  • Vienna, Austria

Hair colour:

  • Black


  • Sky blue


  • 6’2

Family & Friends


  • Helena Kalanaris (Deceased, Killed in 1942 by the Germans)
  • Nicholas Lambros (Deceased, Killed in 1941 by the Germans)


  • Michael (Deceased. Killed in action during Italian/Greek War on Albania border in 1940)
  • Thieri (Deceased. Killed in action during Italian/Greek War on Albania border in 1940)
  • Theodore (Deceased. Killed in action during Italian/Greek War on Albania border in 1940)


  • Doctor Stella Lambros (Alive. Father’s Sister, Thessalonica, Greece)
  • Dion Lambros (Alive Father’s Brother, United States)
  • Stavros Mavrakis (1st Cousin – Executed by the Germans in 1943)
  • Vassili Petrakis (1st Cousin – Executed by Zoe for Collaborating with the Germans, 1943)


  • Father Panayiotis Haralambos (Village Priest)
  • Despina Kaflanoras (Matchmaker, Housekeeper during the war to the Mullers)
  • Henry Franz (aka Goliath – Eva’s personal guard and adopted brother)
  • Thanasi Klaras (Resistance Leader)
  • Apostolos Kiriakou (Resistance leader and suitor)

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