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Award-Winning Finalist in the “Fiction: Gay & Lesbian” category of the 2015 International Book Awards
Posted on: 22nd May 2015

Well I got a nice surprise this morning when I got an email telling me that In the Blood of the Greeks had been selected as a finalist in the 2015 International Book Awards!   USA BOOK NEWS ANNOUNCES WINNERS AND FINALISTS OF THE 2015 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS Mainstream & Independent Titles Score Top Honors […]

Sometimes It’s More Than Words That Make Readers Feel #1
Posted on: 21st May 2015

Last week I was interviewed by the Indie Book Butler and one of the questions was What do you want to achieve most from your writing? I responded by saying I want my readers to have a visceral response to what they were reading. I’m fortunate that I have such interesting readers who get emotionally […]

In the Blood of the Greeks eBook Giveaway!
Posted on: 20th May 2015

Choosybookworm is having a read and review giveaway and one of the books is my first book “In The Blood of the Greeks” This eBook is part of the Read & Review Program in which the author gives away 25 eBooks for FREE in exchange for an honest review. If you are one of the […]

New Bridging Series: Jumping Off The Cliff Journal by Zoe Lambros
Posted on: 17th May 2015

New series announcement: It’s called “Jumping Off The Cliff” – A journal by Zoe Lambros, translated from Greek to English by Mary D. Brooks. Zoe’s journal will feature her thoughts, experiences and the journey to Egypt after she leaves Larissa with Eva. The journal will have images related to the journey and other assorted little […]

Awakenings Book 4 ReReleased on 1 June
Posted on: 15th May 2015

My 4th book “Awakenings” will be available on 1 June! Click here to pre-order from Amazon   2nd Edition available now to pre-order – Contains additional material new to this edition The fourth installment of the Intertwined Souls Series, Awakenings, continues the journey of two extraordinary women, Eva Haralambos and Zoe Lambros to Greece and […]

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Mary Interview on Chatting with Sherri 05 March 2015
Posted on: 6th March 2015

Mary Interview on Chatting with Sherri 05 March 2015

Today on Chatting With Sherri we welcome the talented bard, Mary D. Brooks, to chat about her writing, her promotional video and her love of the show Xena, Warrior Princess fan fiction.  

Nazi Collaborators – Greece
Posted on: 5th March 2015

Nazi Collaborators – Greece

My first novel “In the Blood of the Greeks” has been in my mind the past few days due to the promo we filmed and other things. Here’s something that is touched on in the book – Collaborators. Zoe made sure one of them never saw the light of day ever again…and he was related […]

No Good Deed – The Prophecy
Posted on: 25th December 2014

No Good Deed – The Prophecy

No Good Deed – The Prophecy. Things are getting really interesting with Eva and Zoe after their return from Greece and Germany. It’s 1951 and all Eva wants is to have a very boring life with no surprises. Yeah…not going to happen…what does this ancient prophecy have to do with our girls? The book is […]

In the Blood of the Greeks Trailer & Excerpts
Posted on: 1st July 2014

In the Blood of the Greeks Trailer & Excerpts

In the Blood of the Greeks is set against the backdrop of World War II, the novel begins in a most troublesome period of human history, where subjugated by the might of Nazi Germany, two women meet under extraordinary circumstances. This is the story of Eva Muller, the daughter of a German Major, in command […]

Jewish Communities in Greece During The Holocaust
Posted on: 6th June 2014

Jewish Communities in Greece During The Holocaust

In the novel “In the Blood of the Greeks” Eva Muller, the daughter of the German commander of Larissa helped the village priest Father Haralamabos get forged papers to smuggle as many Jews out of Larissa and the surrounded countryside. With Zoe Lambros’ help, Eva helped the resistance. IN THIS VIDEO Chris Collora reports on […]

Immigration into Australia after World War II
Posted on: 6th June 2014

Immigration into Australia after World War II

Post-war immigration to Australia In the immediate aftermath of World War II, Ben Chifley, Prime Minister of Australia from 1945 to 1949, established the Federal Department of Immigration and thereby launched a large scale immigration program. Chifley commissioned a report on the subject which found that Australia was in urgent need of a larger population […]

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WW2 – Invasion of Greece and Yugoslavia
German Occupation of Greece 1941-1944
Greece Enters The War

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